CurlyQ Cuties Has Ceased Manufacturing
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Handmade Custom Plush.
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CurlyQ Cuties' Management Team

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Stephanie Estrin

Stephanie is the creative heart and soul of CurlyQ Cuties. Her passion for the arts dates back to childhood. Stephanie has always had a creative spirit. Her quilting techniques are used today in the construction of our plush Monsters. She is intimately involved in the business and still gets giddy each and every time the "order bell" rings.

Prior to CurlyQ Cuties, Stephanie worked for "the man" as a network administrator. She grew up in Montreal (though she is not Canadian) and is the proud parent of three children.

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Michael Estrin

Michael created the processes and procedures that made the mass customization of plush products economically viable. He is responsible for the family of CurlyQ Cuties websites. A veteran of several start up businesses, Michael thrives in a creative and fast-moving business environment.

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