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Press Release - New "Mega-Sized Custom Monster" Encourages Imaginative Play for Parents and Kids

New "Mega-Sized Custom Monster" Encourages Imaginative Play for Parents and Kids

~ Personalized Toy Purveyor Receives Prestigious Recognition and Adds to its Family of Toys That Kids Create Themselves Online ~

August 1, 2010 (Austin, TX) - CurlyQ Cuties, the company that specializes in custom, handmade, plush toys, is proud to introduce the “Mega-Sized Custom Monster” - a two foot wide, two and a half foot tall friendly giant that is all imagination!

Like the rest of the toy Monsters offered by CurlyQ Cuties, the Mega-Sized Monster is completely customizable and created by you or your child. It’s also a wonderful activity for parents and children to do together. The Mega-Sized Custom Monster is about 260% bigger than the standard CurlyQ Cuties Monster and comes in 14 body shapes with a delightful variety of features. After selecting the Monster’s shape, children can choose their new friend’s color, eyes, belly shape, and mouth shape. After each selection, customers get to see how their Monster will look prior to purchase. Designing your own Monster is simple, even for a child, and can be done with a few clicks at

The exciting addition of the Mega-Sized Custom Monster comes as CurlyQ Cuties is awarded a 2010 Parents' Choice Recommended Toy Award. The award boasts CurlyQ Cuties highest-quality product line, impeccable customer service and speedy shipping. “My son treats it like his baby - he feeds it, tucks it in for naps, and entertains it” says Melissa Barbagallo Davis of Parents' Choice.

The award only solidifies what customers have been saying for years -- CurlyQ Cuties is an experience beyond merely buying a toy! Moms and dads will create lasting memories with their child when they sit down to create a one-of-a-kind Mega-Sized Custom Monster together. Not only is the finished product adorable, it’s one that can not be replaced with pre-packaged, run of the mill toys sold on store shelves.

About CurlyQ Cuties:

CurlyQ Cuties was founded in 2008 by mom entrepreneur Stephanie Estrin. Estrin started out making Monsters for her children and her friend's children. The Monsters were so well received she decided to start a Monster-making business. Today, the site is an interactive customer co-design mecca! Each Monster is handmade-to-order in the United States with 100% new polyester and is hypo-allergenic. The Monsters are safe for young children because there are no potential choking hazards. Available at

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The Deluxe Custom Monsters won a 2010 Parents' Choice Recommended Toy award.
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Designed by her parents in memory of Madeline Alice Spohr.Maddie's MonsterProfits from the sale of Maddie's Monster are donated to the March of Dimes in Maddie's memory.
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